Basic description

So, what's going on there? As the name says, stargate series lovers will be pleased. Anyway, if you aren't connoisseur of this series, don't be despair. Features of RPG, MORPG and action games will bring you to the places full of stargates through which you will be able to travel. At beginning you choose profession and then hurray to action. Missions for individual and groups are waiting for you, many planets for exploration, a lot of action and plenty of adrenaline. You will have your own inventory which will allow you to change weapon and equipment. Don't hesitate, Atlantis is waiting just for you.

What features will be there

  • Multiplayer online game from first person view
  • Weapons
  • Uniforms
  • Multiplayer and singleplayer missions
  • Team gameplay
  • Gate dialing and traveling
  • Special missions
  • Professions
  • And many more

Detailed description

Stargate: Atlantis Adventures is multiplayer computer game currently in development, that primary simulates life in the city of Atlantis, located in Pegasus galaxy. It will be possible to play as humans (Tau'ri) – members of the Atlantis expedition. In the beginning player will choose his character from many options such as the hair color, skin color or hairstyle. Character is then saved and its skills are gradually increasing.

Every player will have his own specialization - the profession, which he chose at character creation. The options are scientist, technician, medic and soldier. Each of those professions has its advantages and disadvantages, which means, that this choice will have impact on the game progression. During the gameplay it will be possible to gain qualification. The qualification itself will then enable the use of other things such as sniper rifle. The weapons will play a major role in game. You will find there for example the legendary assault rifle P-90, wraith stuner and even special pieces like Ronon's gun.

Players will be in Atlantis for most of the time, where will be rooms such as shooting range, dormitory, bar, schoolroom, etc. Each room will have its specific function, for example in shooting range you can increase your skill in shooting and gain ranks for the higher level guns usage.

First type of missions will be so called primary levels (quests), which will be offered by NPC characters or that begins by using a certain object. There will be also available so called extended missions. For those will be necessary to assemble arbitrary team from the online players and then dialing the address from the database. On those missions there will be special tasks for every profession. For example the door unlocking for technician as a logic minigame. So often it may happen, that the group of players must cover the technician for a while. That makes the game very real, but also entertaining. Players, who will be killed in action will be automatically respawned in the infirmary in Atlantis. In the case that group leader was killed, the player with highest rank will take command. If there are two players of the same rank, the original leader will choose the new leader. Special characters like dr. Zelenka or John Sheppard will be available for server administrators to play. The camera will have a first person view, which brings the game to a very interesting dimension.

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Stargate Atlantis Adventures PC game


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