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New Facebook page • 1. 23. 2012

We are now moving from the old FB group to a new page.

New video • 1. 23. 2012

You can now watch a new gameplay video showing weapons in the Media/Video section.

Facebook • 9. 28. 2010

Now you can find us on facebook too.

First trailer • 8. 1. 2010

Our first trailer containing gateroom presentation is alive! You can check it under Media/Video section.

Website design • 4. 14. 2010

New design of website has been activated. Site is now fully operational including e-mail news subscribtion.

Stargate Atlantis Adventures PC game


The franchise Stargate Atlantis is the property of The Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. This game is in no profit and no attempt to harm the original authors of Stargate.