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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Postby t17 » Sat 11. Dec 2010 21:53:54

Question: Will I be allowed to play for the characters from the series?
Answer: Most of the players will not have this possibility. Play for these characters (J.Sheppard, dr. McKay,...) will be allowed to game developers (first server) or server admins.

Question: What will be minimum HW requirements?
Answer: HW requirements are not yet known, but it will depend on the engine used i.e. UDK - unreal engine 3, which drives modern games such as Gears of Wars or Unreal Tournament 3, while this game will probably have a little lower requirements than those games.

Question: When will it be released?
Answer: We don't know the exact date. We don't want to disappoint our fans by an unpremeditated delay in release. A few lucky devils will have access to alpha test, during which the game will every week be closer to the release. We themselves don't know the exact date of release, but will do everything to release it as soon as possible.

Question: Will there be also a single player mode?
Answer: Yes, but we plan to implement it in any further version of the game. There will be the possibility to increase skills of the same character you play for in multiplayer.

Question: Where will I get the game after release?
Answer: The game will be available for download on this website in the download section. Use our e-mail subscribtion on the main page and we will let you know when it is released.
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