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Forum rules

Postby t17 » Fri 12. Nov 2010 8:14:36


1) Create new topic for every different question.
2) Use proper names for your topics (not names such as "question"), the name should portray its purpose. Do not write the whole name in upper case.
3) No warez
4) Follow rules of decency
5) Before you create a new topic, use the find button to find out, if the same question wasn't already answered.
6) Do not begin a flamewar
7) Do not use too much smileys, exclamation marks or any other type of excessive highlighting.

For non-compliance of the rules, a warning will be given to the user. After third warning the user will be banned. Forum moderators reserve the right to edit, move, lock or delete any post if it does not meet the forum rules.
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